HAPPY 11.11.11 11:11 KIMPOTCHY!

I took this photo of my couz about two and a half years ago…

Back then, I was like, “Wow, dalaga na sya!”

And then last Sunday, I saw this invitation…

And I was like, “Uuuyyy!!! Dalaga na talaga sya!!!”

Today’s my cousin @kimpotcy_11 ‘s birthday! Yes, 11.11.11. What a nice date!

Tomorrow’s the party and still, I haven’t rehearsed enough for our special number. Hehe

It seems to me that it’s been a while since I celebrated my own debut…but when I saw this invitation…

Whew! It’s been years ago!

Sometimes, what really reminds us of our age is not our birthdays…It’s the younger ones around us that we see growing up and makes us realize… ”It’s been quite a while”.

But you know what? It’s one good sign.

We haven’t noticed our times passing by coz maybe…even if surviving seems difficult, we’ve been enjoying our stay here on Earth. :’)