The Girl Who Broke The Microwave

Caramel cake

I don’t know what it really takes to be a good food blogger. All I know is that I always want to try new sorts of food even if I’m too far from being that “batang napabayaan sa kusina”.

I’m no cooking expert…and I just always wanted to be.

I have a mom who ventured on a small resto, a dad who used to be on a fried chicken business (named after yours truly), a bar tender lolo, uncle chefs, lolas who mastered the term “sangkutsa” and now… a brother who’s on his way to graduating from kitchenette mastery.

And yet…STILL… I am the girl who broke the microwave oven.

So where do I stand?

I stand beside my lolas for the first sips, my brother for the “tasting time”. Basically, all I know is how a good food tastes like. :’)

I enjoy eating out, mostly in affordable restos. Well, I guess it’s quite normal para sa isang batang laki sa karinderya. Wherever I go, especially when out of the country, I always look for that “Mura na, masarap pa, may libreng sabaw at kaning refill pa!”.

And I always hunt for lutong bahay and pagkaing kalye… Kase nga, nasanay ako sa…

Kare-kare pag reunion…

Kare Kare From Barrio Fiesta

Pinakbet pag Semana santa…

Pinakbet from Barrio Fiesta

(Of course, this is not taken on a Holy Week)

Isaw pag breaktime…

Fries Isaw

And the likes… Halo halo on summer, champorado on rainy season, etc…

My first job as a magazine show segment producer for a government program really heightened my love for local foods. I always go to local restaurants for our foodtrip segment and there, I discovered a lot about our cuisine. Culinary tourism to be exact. As a PROMDI girl from a very historic province, Bulacan, values and stories in food really matter to me.

From those people I have talked to from interview to interview… Food depicts our history a lot. And I know, there’s a lot more to discover about our rich variety of foods. Let’s not forget that we live in a land discovered through a search for spice.

Now, even if I don’t really go eating out as much as I did back in my first job, still… I go out to celebrate “The Life” with good food.

Just recently, we dropped by in a local resto, of course here in our province. It’s Hernz Icecream Specialties. Yep. This is a certified Bulakeño owned ice cream shop. Here’s a sneak peak of our date…

Rebel Bar Ice Cream

That’s Rebel Bar Ice Cream for Maiks…

Caramel cake

Caramel Cake For Brei…

Caramel cake

And of course, Very Blueberry Yogurt for me…

Very Blueberry Yogurt

Very Blueberry Yoghurt

I actually wanted to try Turon Ice cream but I worry that my tummy might go crazy from eating yoghurt. So maybe…next time. Hehe

A few more pics…

Hernz Ice cream Specialties

The place is nice and I find their Christmas decors so cool. But this one really caught my attention…

Hernz Ice cream Specialties

So after reading it, I actually tried to peep in the kitchen to find out who’s that staff…hehe

It was a nice ice cream experience indeed…not to forget of course, Manong Guard fetched us from the car with his pink umbrella. Sweet!

Anyway, Bulacan is known for its sweet delicacies. We had the longest pastillas, biggest ensaymada, inipit and a lot more. After roaming over the province for good food… I guess, it’s about time to explore the bigger scope. Sure, there’s a lot more.

I am happy that I grew up with good foods. Sabi nga ng lolo ko, ang bawat gawain ay galling sa utak at ang laman ng utak ay hindi lalabas kung walang laman ang tyan. :’)

At sabi nga ng Red Ribbon box na ‘to…

Red Ribbon

So, cheers for more servings! :’)