Remember Facebook?

Remember Friendster?

When all that consumes your time is pimping your profile page and all that excites you are testimonials…
When you can PATIENTLY wait for a private message to be mailed back in a weeks time…
When you can make a thread of conversation through testimonials…


I guess the world’s just like that. Everything comes to a point where you can only remember them. Everyday, the world goes on, changes and there are things that aren’t allowed to ride further. One day it’ll be gone or one day, you’ll be.

Time will come and people will talk something like… “Remember Facebook?”


Your friends will talk something like… “Remember this person?…” on Facebook.

Both times will come but it’s either the first case or the second that will come first.
So what’s the point in arguing with things around you?

Funny how we can easily reach longer distances and yet it seems, the farther we can reach, the shorter our patience becomes.

We keep goin back to “simple” Facebook days…but never the great Friendster days.
Remember Friendster days? Connections aren’t as fast as what we have today but we survived.

The way I look at the wall posts today, to me it’s just about two things…either Facebook doesn’t care about what you want or you don’t care enough to learn and adapt.