Where Grilling = Chilling — Gerry’s Grill

Sooo… I was lucky enough to make it to the top 20 of Sooo Pinoy’s Search for the Ultimate Food Blogger. But I’d rather say I’m the luckiest to have a Dad who’s willing to treat me for that… A treat to the next round!

Now let me treat you in return. :’) Here’s where we went for my date prize…

Gerry's Grill Singapore menu

Yes, Gerry’s Grill!

Where my Lola treated us when she once won the small town lottery…

Where Tito Lui treated the whole family after his long assignment abroad and…

Where my boyfriend treated me on our 1st monthsary. 😉

I guess that’s my grown-up perception of this resto…


SO going back…

Daddy treated us one noon after Sunday mass. We’re the EARLY BIRDS! Yay! So I took some photos while waiting…

Gerry's Grill at Somerset

This is one of Gerry’s Grill branches here in SG. A little walk from Somerset station and I must say, it’s a bit hard  to find. But that’s what’s surprising. The flow of families coming in would tell you… It’s One Good Find!

Gerry's Grill Somerset

The early bird catches the zero-crowd shot. I like it that the resto managed to retain its trademark ambience — the resort/beach feel for a CHILLaxing dining experience.

After a few minutes of waiting, people started to fill-in. When you have nothing else to do, there’s two ways you can hustle while you wait at the resto. Either get a Pinoy magazine to read or watch the cooks behind the glass grilling your orders.

Gerry's Grill

What a witty way to keep you craving!

12:15 NOONTIME. LUNCHTIME. Orders served!

Sizzling Sisig



BULALO to heat our tummies…

Chicken Kebab Barbeque

The brace-friendy (madaling nguyain) CHICKEN KEBAB BARBEQUE… And of course the staple food a Pinoy can’t forget to order…

Bagoong Rice

KANIN! In this case… BAGOONG RICE!

I guess there’s something about craving that keeps you from doing what you’re supposed to do… A shot while dining!

Yay! So just an after-shot for now…

Gerry's Grill

Take a look at this…

Gerry's Grill

There’s something about the barbeque oils that tempts me to take it as it is. I guess it’s the belief that all the savory juice is there. Speaking of juice…

MANGO SHAKE! Thou shall not forget! hehe

A funny pose from Daddy…


ALL WORTH IT! I guess that’s what makes it a ‘tampulan’ ng mga nakaka-miss ng Pinas. Here you can have a taste of Philippine Cuisine. You can order the lutong bahay you’re craving for, have a complete meal of sabaw, kanin at ulam and feel like home.

I think that’s why Gerry’s Grill is very distinguished. You’ll know it’s very Pinoy from the taste to the kind of service you get.

Actually, I visited another Gerry’s Grill branch yesterday…

It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s Gerry’s Grill’s 15th Anniversary! Years are counting and they keep on expanding worldwide! At Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the Rasapura Masters food court is comprised of 26 restaurants chosen to represent different cuisines around the world…

And yes, in behalf of the Filipino Cuisine…

So why would you find Gerry’s Grill among the list of Sooo Pinoy Restaurants?

Let me restate to you what’s written on the top of Sooo Pinoy’s About Page:

“Sooo Pinoy feeds your national pride through the appreciation of Filipino cuisine.”

Seeing a long line of people (of different races) queuing for a Filipino dish in a foreign country…Need I say more?

Oh yes! A little trivia:

15 years ago, February 14, 1997, the very 1st Gerry’s Grill restaurant opened along Tomas Morato in Quezon City…

And Gerry Apolinario is the man. 😉


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