When a Filipino goes to Singapore, be it for a tour, for business or for good, he/she will always be advised to visit Orchard. Why Orchard? They’ll say Lucky Plaza. So when I first came to SG, I was soo excited that I asked my aunt to take me there right away on our first trip.

Ok. So what’s in there?

A mall… Nothing much really. The common air conditioned mall with escalator and stalls. “But why here, Pinoys?” That’s what I asked back then.

Oh, I get it. The remittance centers are there, computer shops offering free Pinoy film viewing, pasalubongs, our grown-up Pinoy brands are there– Safeguard, Colgate, Likas, Cream Silk, Piattos and the likes… Other than that? Oh, well… Tagalog speaking folks calling you “Kabayan! Bili na!” or joking and gossiping around.

Then I discovered a good restaurant. Good as in…a restaurant with karinderya ambience, a flat TV tuned in Pinoy TV and a long line of customers queuing at the classic “stante” for the traditional Pinoy order taking habit… “turo-turo”. And it is called… Kabayan Restaurant.

It’s almost a habit for my aunts and dad to dine here every other weekend…for Crispy Pata and either a Pinoy style vegetable dish–chopsuey, pinakbet, etc. OR a Pinoy style soup dish–sinigang, nilaga, etc. Here, I took a couple of photos the last time we dined…

Pinakbetcrispy pata

Step in and you’ll feel like you’re home. There’s several restos like this in the plaza. Now, I get it. Maybe when a Pinoy is tipped to visit Orchard, it only means “Go there in case you feel homesick”. Or something like , “If you have nothing else to do, go and mingle with the ones who miss Pinas.”


What can you say?

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