Tempura Ice Cream

Tempura Ice Cream

I used to believe that this is Tempura…

Prawn Tempura

Which is right. It’s Tempura. The thing is that I was locked in the idea that Tempura is a coated then fried prawn. Until we dined at Men-Ichi. Out of pure curiosity, even if a scoop of ice cream seems odd one evening after bowling, we ordered Tempura Ice Cream. Here it is…

tempura ice cream

It’s vanilla flavored ice cream, coated and fried in a way I still wonder how…

Tempura Ice Cream

What you (I mean people like me) need to know about Tempura, aside from being the dish that originated from Japan, is that (according to dear Wiki) Tempura is a dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered or deep fried. I guess that goes well for ice creams, too. :’)

So don’t rant over an overrated Tempura thinking that you’ve only got 3 prawns with veggies on the side… They, too, are tempuras.

As for this Tempura Ice Cream… it’s worth trying. :’) I just don’t know how they cook it. Anyone???