Si Mang Ga

(Post from my TUMBLR)

When it comes to food, we are too impatient to wait. But Mang Ga (not his real name) has a solution to it. When you see the crowd of people around him during his peak hours, you’ll wonder how these guys manage to wait for a five-to-eight peso green mango. But if you’ll try to get closer to him, you would know that…

…he doesn’t really do the sales talk thing. And he only asks 3 things:

1. Ilan? (asking how many mangoes you are you going to buy)

2. Ok na ba ‘to? (asking if he picks the right mango for you)

3. Bagoong o asin? (asking if you want fish paste or salt with chili for your mangoes)

But even if he seldom talks, his customers are obviously entertained of his mango-peeling technique. The way he does it was like he’s just peeling an apple with a peeler (but he does it actually with a small knife)..

and as fast as peeling a banana. So bilis!

The peeled mango skins look like petals. And in less than a minute, your mangoes are ready for packing then… next… and so on and so forth.

I guess, it’s just how you put passion and life in simple things you do that makes “your thing” work for you.


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