Six Feet


Under the ground my mom lies.

Six feet.

It’s a distance between two worlds.

Six feet.

Far enough for a daughter to miss her mom.

Six feet.

Close enough to whisper.

Six feet.

Not enough to separate us.



Bago ka magising, nananaginip ka muna.
Bago ka dumilat, nakapikit ka muna.
Bago mo makita ang liwanag, dilim muna.

Kailangan mo lang malaman na nakapikit ka para mamulat ka.
Kailangan mo lang tapusin ang panaginip para magising ka sa katotohanan.
Kailangan mong malaman ang mali…para makagawa ka ng tama.



I saw these veggie cuts floating in our fish pond which reminds me…

It’s not poverty that keeps us away from healthy foods. It’s our regards to proper waste management.

We can pay for an elegant dining. We can buy delectable foods. But it’s not always equivalent to the kind of nutrition you get.

Some of us find it hard to buy enough nutritious foods but we can choose to make our own.

Make space for it.

Right wastes in proper places. That’s it.

The Girl Who Broke The Microwave

Caramel cake

I don’t know what it really takes to be a good food blogger. All I know is that I always want to try new sorts of food even if I’m too far from being that “batang napabayaan sa kusina”.

I’m no cooking expert…and I just always wanted to be.

I have a mom who ventured on a small resto, a dad who used to be on a fried chicken business (named after yours truly), a bar tender lolo, uncle chefs, lolas who mastered the term “sangkutsa” and now… a brother who’s on his way to graduating from kitchenette mastery.

And yet…STILL… I am the girl who broke the microwave oven.

So where do I stand?

I stand beside my lolas for the first sips, my brother for the “tasting time”. Basically, all I know is how a good food tastes like. :’)

I enjoy eating out, mostly in affordable restos. Well, I guess it’s quite normal para sa isang batang laki sa karinderya. Wherever I go, especially when out of the country, I always look for that “Mura na, masarap pa, may libreng sabaw at kaning refill pa!”.

And I always hunt for lutong bahay and pagkaing kalye… Kase nga, nasanay ako sa…

Kare-kare pag reunion…

Kare Kare From Barrio Fiesta

Pinakbet pag Semana santa…

Pinakbet from Barrio Fiesta

(Of course, this is not taken on a Holy Week)

Isaw pag breaktime…

Fries Isaw

And the likes… Halo halo on summer, champorado on rainy season, etc…

My first job as a magazine show segment producer for a government program really heightened my love for local foods. I always go to local restaurants for our foodtrip segment and there, I discovered a lot about our cuisine. Culinary tourism to be exact. As a PROMDI girl from a very historic province, Bulacan, values and stories in food really matter to me.

From those people I have talked to from interview to interview… Food depicts our history a lot. And I know, there’s a lot more to discover about our rich variety of foods. Let’s not forget that we live in a land discovered through a search for spice.

Now, even if I don’t really go eating out as much as I did back in my first job, still… I go out to celebrate “The Life” with good food.

Just recently, we dropped by in a local resto, of course here in our province. It’s Hernz Icecream Specialties. Yep. This is a certified Bulakeño owned ice cream shop. Here’s a sneak peak of our date…

Rebel Bar Ice Cream

That’s Rebel Bar Ice Cream for Maiks…

Caramel cake

Caramel Cake For Brei…

Caramel cake

And of course, Very Blueberry Yogurt for me…

Very Blueberry Yogurt

Very Blueberry Yoghurt

I actually wanted to try Turon Ice cream but I worry that my tummy might go crazy from eating yoghurt. So maybe…next time. Hehe

A few more pics…

Hernz Ice cream Specialties

The place is nice and I find their Christmas decors so cool. But this one really caught my attention…

Hernz Ice cream Specialties

So after reading it, I actually tried to peep in the kitchen to find out who’s that staff…hehe

It was a nice ice cream experience indeed…not to forget of course, Manong Guard fetched us from the car with his pink umbrella. Sweet!

Anyway, Bulacan is known for its sweet delicacies. We had the longest pastillas, biggest ensaymada, inipit and a lot more. After roaming over the province for good food… I guess, it’s about time to explore the bigger scope. Sure, there’s a lot more.

I am happy that I grew up with good foods. Sabi nga ng lolo ko, ang bawat gawain ay galling sa utak at ang laman ng utak ay hindi lalabas kung walang laman ang tyan. :’)

At sabi nga ng Red Ribbon box na ‘to…

Red Ribbon

So, cheers for more servings! :’)

BIG THING: Higit sa pagiging isang mabuting pangulo, ay ang pagiging isang mabuting tao.

(From my Tumblr)

Narinig ko yan sa isang TV commercial.
Makes sense and that goes for EVERY leader and aspirig leader.

SA TOTOO LANG… Hindi ka naman talaga pwedeng maging mabuting pinuno kung hindi mo kayang maging mabuting tao. Oo, naniniwala akong may kabutihan sa bawat tao… pero hindi sa lahat ng oras, madaling piliin ang pagiging mabuting tao. At napakahirap, lalo sa isang naghihirap na bansa, ang magkaroon ng lider na hindi kayang pumili ng mabuting gawain sa “mas maraming” pagkakataon.

Tao lang tayo na nagkakamali. Pero sana maisip ng sinumang nais umupo, umuupo at mga nais muling umupo na hindi scratch paper ang mga dokumentong nakaharap sa kanila araw araw.
Ulit. Tao lang tayo na nagkakamali.
Pero may pagkakaiba rin kung minsan ang paggawa ng mali sa paggawa ng masama.
Kung ano ba talaga ang gusto kong tumbukin…hindi ko rin alam.

Basta ang alam ko, hindi pa man nagaganap ang halalan, may mga taong nagpaplano na para sa kampanya sa susunod na halalan.

Ganung kaaga. Ganung katagal ang plano para sa pagtakbo ng isang kandidato. Kung bakit pag nandyan na…parang wala man lang naiplano para sa nasasakupan.
Ganung kaaga. Ganung katagal.
Pero tayong mga botante… Gaanong katagal tayong nag-iisip ng lider na gusto nating iluklok?
Gaanong katagal kang nag-iisip kapag may pulitikong nag-aabot sayo ng pera?

Inuulit ko… napakahirap, lalo sa isang naghihirap na bansa ang magkaroon ng pinunong hindi kayang pumili ng mabuti sa “mas maraming” pagkakataon.

Kaya napakahirap kung meron tayong mga mamamayang hindi kayang maging mabuti para pumili ng tamang lider.

Kung sa mga oras na ‘to may mga nagpaplano na para sa susunod na eleksyon… Di ba, dapat tayo rin?

Isa pa.

Higit sa pagiging mabuting pangulo ang pagiging mabuting tao.
Ang mabuting tao, hindi nakikilala sa loob lang ng ilang buwan ng pangangampanya.
Subukan nating mag-isip.
Dahil higit sa pagkakaroon ng mabuting lider, ay ang pagkakaroon ng mabuting mamamayan.SA TOTOO LANG…

Si Mang Ga

(Post from my TUMBLR)

When it comes to food, we are too impatient to wait. But Mang Ga (not his real name) has a solution to it. When you see the crowd of people around him during his peak hours, you’ll wonder how these guys manage to wait for a five-to-eight peso green mango. But if you’ll try to get closer to him, you would know that…

…he doesn’t really do the sales talk thing. And he only asks 3 things:

1. Ilan? (asking how many mangoes you are you going to buy)

2. Ok na ba ‘to? (asking if he picks the right mango for you)

3. Bagoong o asin? (asking if you want fish paste or salt with chili for your mangoes)

But even if he seldom talks, his customers are obviously entertained of his mango-peeling technique. The way he does it was like he’s just peeling an apple with a peeler (but he does it actually with a small knife)..

and as fast as peeling a banana. So bilis!

The peeled mango skins look like petals. And in less than a minute, your mangoes are ready for packing then… next… and so on and so forth.

I guess, it’s just how you put passion and life in simple things you do that makes “your thing” work for you.


GLORY TO GLORY. I have 2 complimentary tickets to Kerygma Conference 2011—one VIP CENTER RIGHT and VIP SIDE LEFT. It’s Bo Sanchez’s Singles Stream Conference this coming Saturday, 8 AM to 5PM at ALIW Theater.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to come due to a couple of commitments that day 😥

SO… If you’re interested, you might wanna mail me at or send me a PM on facebook or twitter to get these tickets. Just make sure you’ll attend the conference and we’ll be good.


HAPPY 11.11.11 11:11 KIMPOTCHY!

I took this photo of my couz about two and a half years ago…

Back then, I was like, “Wow, dalaga na sya!”

And then last Sunday, I saw this invitation…

And I was like, “Uuuyyy!!! Dalaga na talaga sya!!!”

Today’s my cousin @kimpotcy_11 ‘s birthday! Yes, 11.11.11. What a nice date!

Tomorrow’s the party and still, I haven’t rehearsed enough for our special number. Hehe

It seems to me that it’s been a while since I celebrated my own debut…but when I saw this invitation…

Whew! It’s been years ago!

Sometimes, what really reminds us of our age is not our birthdays…It’s the younger ones around us that we see growing up and makes us realize… ”It’s been quite a while”.

But you know what? It’s one good sign.

We haven’t noticed our times passing by coz maybe…even if surviving seems difficult, we’ve been enjoying our stay here on Earth. :’)