Mr. A-Z: Real Men Don’t Buy Girls

Just like any other show, one scene will hit you…like in any other movie, one line will hit you.

It’s really more than a wordplay…

The philantropist-singer-songwriter idol filled the Big Dome last night with fun, entertainment, lessons and love.


ENTERTAINMENT. He performed in one great concert showing pure talent. With songs on some spontaneous lyrics, vocal shifting— that “what-the?!” operatic song plus that “Lucky-without-Colbie-but-seems-no-one’s-missing”… and of course the “MIXING”—The Remedy plus Wonderwall and other songs plus Beatles’…


FUN. He didn’t forget to connect. Talked and LISTENed to the crowd… There’s always a response—much like a returned “I love you”…

There’s interaction. There’s audience participation. There’s Jason Mraz!

LESSON. Spread the love.

What I like about this philantropist is that he doesn’t simply love the humankind but he spreads the love wherever he goes. To me, the best of all the lyrics he uttered is this…


He knows that people like him are in the right place to call for an action, influence folks, set examples and make up minds.

He has an advocacy that is peace…  A cause for that night that is stopping human trafficking…

I guess, he’s a perfect proof that those who have a cause have that effect.

No doubt, he was loved by a populace who were all strangers to him.

LOVE. You can feel it when a person loves what he’s doing. It reflects in whatever he does. When he said…

“I wanna give myself away coz this is the kind of place I wanna stay…”

Who cares if he said it several times? We felt it was real and nothing stopped the crowd from going “ahhhhwwww”…

He enjoyed it coz the audience were enjoying. And the audience enjoyed it…coz he is enjoying… There is no end in what I’m saying… Lalalalalalalalife is wonderful… when you meet wonderful people.

No, I’m not really a long time die hard fanatic… not until last wonderful night :’)

P.S. Lucky you…whoever you are who got that YELLOW BANDANA! Grrrr…

(Hindi ako nakatulog…pagdating pa lang nya pinagdidiskitahan ko na yun!!!!)



chorizo pasta

espaquetti lasagna

Since I watched Eat Pray Love, pasta has never been more fun to eat. I like it when I eat pasta alone. It gives me that feeling-Julia-Roberts moment and everytime a pasta meal is served, the scenes in Rome would play… the spaghetti shots, the fella whose surname is Spaghetti and of course, the punchlines.

I hope, one day, I can eat pasta and garlic breads in Italy… alone would be fine but best with my peers or a special someone.

Pastas above are all from Dulcinea. It’s chorizo pasta, espaquetti lasagna and carbonara… And no, I didn’t eat them all at once!

“To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search For Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia


bread and butter

bread and butter

“The history of the world is the record of a man in quest for his daily bread and butter.”

— Hendrick Willem Van Loon

Walang Katapusang Jackstone

Tapos na ang isang buong araw na blackout, dalawang araw na walang internet at tatlong araw na walang tubig nawasa…

Maraming bata ang nainip at walang nagawa. Maraming empleyado ang di nakapagtrabaho.
Kase walang kuryente.
Kase walang internet.

Walang pasok pero walang nakapag DVD marathon, walang nakapagfacebook at walang nakasulit ng UNLI.

Maraming nakapansin kung gaano na nakadepende ang buhay nila sa kuryente at internet.

Bumalik yung panahon ng kwentuhan, chess, at jamming habang nakapalibot sa bukas na kandila…

Ngayon alam nyo na… Mahalagang makipagsabayan sa modernong panahon pero hindi kailangang makalimot sa mga lumang gawi.

Masarap ang buhay ng kabataan ngayon dahil sa PSP, iPod at laptop…
Pero kahit kailan hindi magiging aburido sa buhay ang batang sanay mag jackstone…
May kuryente o wala, unlimited ang pag level up hanggat may naiisip kang exhibition at additional rule.

Buti na lang…laking jackstone ako. :’)

Marami nang alternatibo ngayon…pero may mga bagay na hindi kayang palitan ng gadget.

Yung punong pinutol mo at sakahang tinabunan ng semento para sa isang subdivision, yun din yung punong pipigil sana sa baha at palay na bubusog sana ngayon sa mga pamilyang nalunod ang bahay at nakapila para sa relief na bigas.