I am writing this because I know, the world can read it.
I am writing this because I hope, the world will notice it.

As of this moment, my relatives, friends and fellow Bulakenyos in Calumpit, Hagonoy, Pulilan, Obando, Bulakan and kababayans in other parts of our country are in need of the following due to massive flooding left by Typhoon Pedring:

1. Prayers. The easiest and most powerful.
2. Rubber Boats. If your municipalities can lend us your spare boats, it can really help as there are still lots of families waiting at their roofs to be rescued.
3. Chopper. Some parts that need rescuing can’t be reached by rescuers by boat. Nothing’s impossible here.
4. Bed sheets for the evacuation centers
5. Canned Goods and Noodles. Relief goods that will last longer.
6. Drinking water. They don’t have access to clean and safe water as of the moment.
7. Extra clothes. Most of them haven’t saved a thing from their washed out properties.
8. Medicines.
9. Financial Assistance. Money is supposed to lubricate things so let it ease the rehabilitation. There is NO LITTLE PLEDGE. Every donation counts.
10. Volunteers. People who can share their time.

You can contact (044) 791 0566 to ask how you can send your support. Or may Google agencies and networks where you can give your donations. Let’s use the power of the internet. I know,
nothing’s impossible here. Wherever you are, you can do something.

Ople Center 833 5337/ 833 9562
Bulacan NDRRMC Relief Operations 0980 882 4882/ (044) 793 2619

The other side of the world is just a click away…so why not reach out?
This is a test we shall pass.


Let’s stop blaming the officials and MAKE A MOVE.
LIFE is MORE IMPORTANT than opinions.

The world can read this, I know.

PS. If you have relatives in the affected areas who are still waiting for rescuers, tell them to go to safe higher places as the flood level is expected to rise. Another typhoon will visit us and our dam will definitely need to release more water. Tell them to save batteries, prepare flashlights and mirrors to make them noticeable in the dark. There is a roaming chopper for rescue operations. Stay safe.


Remember Facebook?

Remember Friendster?

When all that consumes your time is pimping your profile page and all that excites you are testimonials…
When you can PATIENTLY wait for a private message to be mailed back in a weeks time…
When you can make a thread of conversation through testimonials…


I guess the world’s just like that. Everything comes to a point where you can only remember them. Everyday, the world goes on, changes and there are things that aren’t allowed to ride further. One day it’ll be gone or one day, you’ll be.

Time will come and people will talk something like… “Remember Facebook?”


Your friends will talk something like… “Remember this person?…” on Facebook.

Both times will come but it’s either the first case or the second that will come first.
So what’s the point in arguing with things around you?

Funny how we can easily reach longer distances and yet it seems, the farther we can reach, the shorter our patience becomes.

We keep goin back to “simple” Facebook days…but never the great Friendster days.
Remember Friendster days? Connections aren’t as fast as what we have today but we survived.

The way I look at the wall posts today, to me it’s just about two things…either Facebook doesn’t care about what you want or you don’t care enough to learn and adapt.

When you only have 2 minutes to kill both your thirst and hunger…

mogu mogu grapes

Just Mogu!




Last month, I watched a colonoscopy video. From this video, the ‘experts’ were able to identify a ‘mass’ that definitely needs to be taken out of a human body through a surgery. Complicated it is…but it roots, just like any other complicated things, from a simple cause.

Well, without elaborating much, let me just share the ‘expert’s’ advise…

Avoid instant meals, fastfoods, too much liquor and smoking. They can irritate your system and make you pay more one day.

Guys… don’t take your health for granted. And oh!!! Before I forget, yes, according to ‘experts’, we must avoid grilled foods like isaw as much as possible.

But in case you can’t resist, fry it. It’s good as long as the frying oil isn’t overused.

Have a healthy weekend, folks!


his soup

her soup

According to an old Spanish saying, soup is better than love.

Chefs say, you can’t make a good soup without love.

Tonight, I say… Soup is best shared with the one you love.



What a soupy night! …Full of laughter! :’)



Ako si Iping at oo, wala pang laman ang aking blog…pero magkakaroon din ‘to ng laman pagtagal tagal.

Pansamantagal, pwede nyong bisitahin yung iba ko pang blogs gaya NITO.

Sa uulitin. Balik po kayo…

Salamat sa pagbisita! :’)